Camunda Platform 7.18 Forms not displaying in Tasklist

Hi all,

I am attempting to deploy a Process with a set of Camunda Forms in Camunda Platform 7.18. The Process is deployed and viewable in Cockpit. From Tasklist, if I start the Process, it proceeds to the very first task, which is a User Task.

<bpmn:userTask id="Activity_Intake" name="Intake" camunda:formRef="Form_ServiceIntake" camunda:formRefBinding="deployment">
      <bpmn:extensionElements />

However, once the Instance is running, the User Task / Camunda Form is not displaying at all in Tasklist. I can see that it exists in api. But I can’t find any indication that Camunda knows about the Forms.

        "id": "c4c3499d-7713-11ed-a246-523eaa3ea8ad",
        "name": "Intake",
        "assignee": null,
        "created": "2022-12-08T11:17:10.757-0500",
        "due": null,
        "followUp": null,
        "lastUpdated": null,
        "delegationState": null,
        "description": null,
        "executionId": "c4c3228a-7713-11ed-a246-523eaa3ea8ad",
        "owner": null,
        "parentTaskId": null,
        "priority": 50,
        "processDefinitionId": "Process_Service:6:ace4999c-7713-11ed-a246-523eaa3ea8ad",
        "processInstanceId": "c4c3228a-7713-11ed-a246-523eaa3ea8ad",
        "taskDefinitionKey": "Activity_Intake",
        "caseExecutionId": null,
        "caseInstanceId": null,
        "caseDefinitionId": null,
        "suspended": false,
        "formKey": null,
        "camundaFormRef": {
            "key": "Form_ServiceIntake",
            "binding": "deployment",
            "version": null
        "tenantId": null

I have confirmed that the form with ID Form_ServiceIntake is present in the Deployments. I have also tried using a key of camunda-forms:deployment:form_service_intake.form.

There are no errors displayed in either the UI or the application logs.

No matter what, the Tasklist stays empty.

There is an ID for the task displayed in Cockpit, which I can click on and immediately takes me to a screen that quickly flashes away in Tasklist.

I have been looking over other threads with similar issues (see them listed below) to no avail. I would greatly appreciate anyone from the community helping me to resolve this problem. :pray:

Project Details

My project is a Camunda Spring project running on Kotlin. I’ve had a few dependency version issues so I am starting to wonder if this is related.

  • Java 17
  • Kotlin 1.7.21
  • Camunda Platform 7.18
  • Spring Boot 2.7.3

Other Posts

I understand this is an issue a few others have reported on adn have resolved to various degrees. I have been referencing these while trying to sort out the issue:

Silly me!

I did not realize that, by default, Tasklist does not have any Filters. All I had to do was go and create one on in the UI and I can finally see them.

(I can’t help but wonder how many others have been hit by this. I’m sure future versions of Camunda have addressed this UX quirk. :D)

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