Plugins for Camunda BPM Run

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Is it possible to use Spin, http-connector and other plugins with Camunda BPM Run?
In standalone distribution it’s solved by specifying appropriate parameters in bpm-platform.xml (plugins section). But how it can be done in Camunda Run distribution?

Hey @mms,

Yes, you can use the Spin and Connect process engine plugins with Camunda BPM Run. To do this, you need to drop the appropriate jar archives (camunda-engine-plugin-spin, camunda-engine-plugin-connect) in the configuration/userlib/ directory of the Run distro.

For other, custom plugins, the process requires some Java and Spring Boot knowledge:

Since Camunda BPM Run is based on the Camunda Spring Boot Starter, you can create a Spring Boot module that wraps the custom Camunda plugin as a Spring Bean. Once you have that done, you can put the generated jar archive in the configuration/userlib/ directory of the Run distro. Since Spring Boot supports classpath scanning, the custom plugin will be discovered and loaded in the Process Engine.

Does this help?


The Spin plugin is actually included by default as in the other distros, so you can use it without any additional configuration.


Thank you, Nikola! Your advice did a trick.

I just copied


into configuration/userlib and it works!
You are right, Spin is already included in Camunda BPM Run.


Hi, I’m trying to install one of these plugins :

i don’t know if they are considered custom plugins ? if so, following your reply I should create a Spring Boot Module ? Correct ?

Do you have any exemples or tutorial, it’s really difficult to find any informations…

Thanks in advance

Here is an example: code/snippets/run-engine-plugin at master · camunda-consulting/code · GitHub

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